Music video produced by Kapland in collaboration with LUNATIC VISUAL STUDIO. Directed by Alex Piñeiro DOP: Jose Luis Sánchez Music: KAPLAND Music Producer, recording, arrangements and mix: Koldo Uriarte Assitant Production: Rik Fernández Edited by Alex Piñeiro

Actors (in alphabetical order): Cecilia Sancho Elisabeth Angulo Joaquín Oliván Joel García J. Enrique Sánchez Lucas Garrido, Piti Sancho Raquel Burbano

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Second single of Kapland´s new third album

Location: Los Angeles, California.

Directed by: Alex Piñeiro and Rubén Navarro.

Edited by: Alex PIñeiro and Rubén Navarro.

Production Assistant: Karola Sánchez.

Special thanks to: Villa Elaine (Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA) and Ura Studio (Vitoria - Gasteiz).

Video directed and edited by Alex Piñeiro.

DOP part 1 Cristobal Baigorri.

Camera part 2 Juan F. Torres.

Actors: Antonio Gómez and Alex Piñeiro.

No Mistakes is a tribute to every single person who works hard as much as they can to persue their dreams.

Ballerina: Yara Landa

Coreography: Leire Gorostiza

Cinematrography: Cristobal Baigorri

The eternal question: what if we lived forever?

Cinematography: Cristobal Baigorri.

Year of production: 2011

Eternity was their first EP "Chapter One" single. This video was directed by Beñat Fontaneda in 2012 and was filmed in Araia, Iturrieta and Vitoria - Gasteiz.

Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 4:00 min

Our World video has been possible thanks to Greenpeace´s collaboration and help.

This song is part of their EP "Chapter One".



This is an acoustc version of the song, which was recorded live in 2011 and which would after be part of new album "Simple You, Simple Me".

Kapland decided to make this video during revolutionary movements in Madrid in 2011. The single is not included in any of their albums so far.

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